Keith Emmons Santa Cruz Poet


Today, if nothing happens,

this will be enough.

If the sky turns blue

and the cat uncurls,

or the clouds stay gray

and I never leave my chair,

this is a day of fulfillment,

another day of epitaph:


"In his life

he didn't do much.

But what he didn't do

was a lot."

I Lay Down My Sword

I lay down my sword.

Perhaps I will write more.


I will lay down my sword

and let my head

fall back against the wall ‒

if I travel too fast

how shall I ever arrive?


There’s a story

of a man, panicked,

running through the fog,

running through the fog so fast

he never saw

there was no fog at all.


He had panicked because

he had left his sword behind.

I shall give mine away.

Or bury it.