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After dark She stepped into the candlelight

of the altar of our Lama’s smiling faces.

She led me in the ceremony

speaking of Angels…and Paradise

and bliss that never ends.

Her golden hair and the double pearls

around Her neck shimmered in the light as

She pledged to be my Messenger.

I too promised, stumbling, in awe of

Her mastery and Her generosity.

She made me take pledges of secrecy –

who could I tell? Who would believe me?


You wish a divine life?

Disengage from ordinary life.

Throw away your calendar;

dump your appointment book;

unclasp your wristwatch.

These are only handcuffs,

blinders on the spirit –

they gag the tongue of God.

The breath of knowledge rises

when and where it pleases.

Living is itself blessing.

Dress in gratitude, and dance.

Deer Park is a garden valley

where doves and juncos

and robins play. The pileated

woodpecker whacks on a rotten fir;

at the tip of the dead madrone

the great horned owl hulks silently.

Quail families scamper, siskin

flow in flocks in the blue sky.

Ravens "Squawk!" Jays "Skreek!"

And some bird "Loo loo loo loos!" at night.

And our wind bell sings: abandon all –

in the valley of heart's delight.

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