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Keith Emmons Santa Cruz Poet

Thank You

for sitting with me by the sea.

We sat side-by-side, crossleggèd,

on a sandstone escarpment,

and watched the wet-suited surfers

paddling and bobbing and "halloo-ing,"

rising and settling with swells

as they waited for waves.

They looked like seals.


We wore only sweaters, and as the Earth

turning, slanted sun from the sky,

the brine-scented breeze grew chill.

The water rolled and splashed and flowed,

evolving from shiny black

to royal blue and emerald; to cobalt,

jade, azure, lapis and cyan;

then to turquoise flecked with gold.


This occurred on a day with no name

in the year no-number, when we meditated

side-by-side by the sea.

And we thanked Her bosom and forgiving soul

for blessing and sustaining our frail pink forms

with light and radiance . . . kissed

in parting, brightening like the ice-cold wisps

of white, gently pinking in the sky above.

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