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Keith Emmons Santa Cruz Poet

   Keith H. Emmons

Poet and builder. A half-century of poetry and national award-winning architectural design.

During the free-wheeling hippie days of the 1970's, I lived ten years in the Alan Watts waterfront houseboat community on San Francisco Bay. I wrote poetry, including Moondrifter Reverie, and I designed and built with my own hands a 1900 square foot houseboat, nicknamed the Train Wreck. The Train Wreck won a First Place Award from the National Endowment for the Arts. My hand-drafted blue prints are available in the permanent collection of the National Building Museum, Washington DC.

In 2014, I and my spiritual sweetheart completed a silent three-year Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat, off-the-grid, in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.  Our experience is consummated in A Thousand Days of Tantra - Inside Three-Year Retreat, a work of poetry generated in that retreat, and published in 2024.


A Thousand Days of Tantra is Volume VI, the first of twelve volumes of my Collected Works, all to be published before 2027, a total of 3,000 pages of original poetry.

If you're intrigued to benefit from my life's poetic and spiritual autobiography, read these volumes one-by-one as they become available on


And enjoy!

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