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Moondrifter Reverie

Now available. Keith Emmons' debut work of poetry, Moondrifter Reverie, published by Red Mountain Press, Santa Fe

"Life in the Waldo Point houseboat community was much like the Moondrifter, the author's own houseboat, swinging free on its mooring and subject only to the daily rhythm of wind and tide. Keith Emmons recalls a utopian civic experience that flourished in the 1970s in Sausalito on San Francisco Bay . . . through poetry, haiku, and free verse." (Cover excerpt)

"Moondrifter skies, sharp cold nights - good for thinking.

The book tour in progress. All adding up to a soul navigation. Star driven."       Sam Amico Middlearth Editions



Order your signed copy today, directly from Keith for

$18.95. Shipping included. Pay upon receipt.

Or order an unsigned copy for $18.95 at  Red Mountain Press 

poetry by Keith Emmons

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